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Deep in the Heart of Texas...is a Murderous Mob - Ta-Da!

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June 23rd, 2007

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09:06 am - Deep in the Heart of Texas...is a Murderous Mob

Photo by
whitogreen via Flickr.

I posted something on LAist about David Morales, the guy who was beat to death in Texas by a crowd of people.  Immediately, a racist hater got on and started slinging racist slurs in the comments section.  Shocked and horrified, I could not figure out why.  Someone else had to explain it to me.  I had assumed that a celebration of the abolishment of enslavement in Texas would be something that everybody would be celebrating.  Apparently, this is not true.  Hence the racist comments.  What a shame.    Now I am going to have to post something about how stupid racism is.  And I do mean stupid because we have lots of scientific evidence to show how ridiculous the notion of race, and the abuse of that notion in the name of hate, actually is.  

See my LAist post.

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